Primary Healthcare

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Primary care (as defined by the World Health Organization) is a whole-of-society approach that aims to effectively organize and strengthen national health systems and bring health and well-being services closer to communities.

Our Group is also committed to making contributions in this regard.

In Hong Kong, we are committed to practicing primary medical services in the community. We have formed a team and joined the "District Service and Care Team" ("Care Team") to provide various health check-up services to citizens in multiple districts, especially the elderly. Pharyngeal cancer, blood sugar and hypertension, fundus test and osteoporosis, etc. We also provide follow-up medical follow-up, including providing advice on health products, general medical treatment, and actual medical diagnosis and treatment.

We are also working with different stakeholders in the region to strengthen district-based primary medical and health services, and jointly organize health lectures, health screening and other activities to change the current medical system and concept of "emphasis on treatment and light on prevention".

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